The Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance (NAFSA) is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that was officially incorporated in 2014 following two years of efforts to develop a organizational and mission with input from hundreds of Native food producers and organizations.

Restoring Native food systems is an immediate and fundamental need for the continued survival, and physical and spiritual well being of Native peoples and our Mother Earth, now and into the future. The costs of doing nothing – and the potential benefits of action -are massive.

The Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance (NAFSA) is dedicated to restoring the Indigenous food systems that support Indigenous self-determination, wellness, cultures, values, communities, economies, languages, families, and rebuild relationships with the land, water, plants and animals that sustain us. NAFSA brings people, communities (rural, remote and urban), organizations and Tribal governments together to share, promote and support best practices and policies that enhance dynamic Native food systems that promote holistic wellness, sustainable economic development, education, reestablished trade routes, stewardship of land and water resources, peer-to-peer mentoring, and multi-generational empowerment. NAFSA works to put the farmers, wildcrafters, fishers, hunters, ranchers and eaters at the center of decision-making on policies, strategies and natural resource management.

We commit to take collective and individual action to address food sovereignty, and to build the necessary understanding and awareness among our Peoples, Nations, leaders and policymakers, as well as our youth and coming generations, to make it a continuing reality.