How to Form a Tribal Conservation District

1) Gather Tribal Resolutions: The Tribe signs a resolution forming their tribal conservation district (TCD). In Alaska, a Tribe may form a tribal conservation district on their own or it may join with other Tribes, villages, and/or ANCSA Corporations. All entities are signatories on the agreement.

If the Tribe invites an ANCSA Corporation, the ANCSA Corporation will also need a corporate resolution.

2) Prepare a Draft Mutual Agreement: Be sure to include all entities - the Tribe, Corporation (if invited by the Tribe), and tribal conservation district as signatories to the mutual agreement. A mutual agreement template is available from the NRCS Alaska Native Liaison.

3) Send the Agreement to Washington D.C.: Once resolutions and the draft mutual agreement are completed, work with the NRCS Alaska Native Liaison for further assistance and to initiate the review process by USDA in Washington D.C.

While Washington D.C. staff is reviewing the draft mutual agreement, work can begin on a strategic natural resources plan, bylaws, articles of incorporation, and selecting your TCD board members.