Open invitation for young adult members (21-30 years old) to apply to the Community Volunteer Ambassador Program (CVA) with the National Park Service (NPS). Quite a number of our parks who work with local tribal communities are looking to offer positions to the Ambassador Internship. I’m hoping that you will share this amazing opportunity with others, because it has a fantastic benefits package.

This 50-week internship provides health insurance, a childcare benefit, federally-sponsored training (travel expenses covered), an Education award of $6,095 and living allowance of $440 per week ($22,000 for the year). Some of the sites offer housing in case someone wants to relocate for the internship. We have about 60 National Park sites in the program throughout the United States, including Glacier National Park, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde. 

The internship is part of a strategic effort to diversify community engagement with public lands and provide in-the-field training/ NPS job search assistance to interns from a broader range of backgrounds. These interns are assigned to represent a specific park site, train volunteers on how  to preserve important cultural, natural, or historic sites, and do educational community outreach. 

The application opens in October, but as the main recruitment coordinator, I have an online sign up form where I collect emails of prospective applicants so that I can send out a reminder to have interested people apply.

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